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Sunrise and Sunset times Jan - Mar 2020

Women's Suffrage

Harriet Jones
Izetta Jewell Brown
Jesse Bloch
National timeline
Significant Dates in Women Emancipation
Quotes from suffrage literature
The March of the Women
Coralie Franklin Cook
Suffrage Song

The Vikings

The Vikings: Class 1
The Vikings: Class 2
The Vikings: Class 3
The Vikings: Class 4

Festive Holiday Fare

Festive Holiday Fare

The American Automobile

The American Automobile Part 1
The American Automobile Part 2
The American Automobile Part 3
The American Automobile Part 4

Technology Handouts

Using your Tablet or Phone to View Class Handouts
Technology Security (v.2019-11)
Social Media (2019-07)
Facebook (2019-10)
Technology Glossary (v.2019-11)
Using an iPad or iPhone (v.2019-11)


Windows 10 Quick Reference (v.2019-03)
The Basics (v.2019-03)
Microsoft Word (v.2019-03)
Microsoft PowerPoint (v.2019-07)
Microsoft Excel (v.2019-09)
Advanced Excel (v.2019-09)
Mail Merge and OneNote (v.2019-07)
Guidelines for Good PPT Presentations (2019-07)

Using the Classrooms

Classroom A 
Classroom B
Using the Portable DVD Player
Using the Document Camera