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OLLI and the CRF Present: Humana for 2024 with Joel Thacker (2024-01-10)

Innocence Project (2023-07-25)
Wrongful Conviction FAQs
WVIP Info Sheet
Innocence Resources

Strategies To Protect Yourself and Others from COVID with Dr. Tim Nurkiewicz, and Dr. Bill Ramsey (2023-04-05)
COVID Information for Seniors
COVID Masking Strategies

Fatal Grievances: Forecasting and Preventing Active Killer Threats in Schools, Campus, and Workplace Settings presented by Jeffrey Daniels (2022-10)

OLLI at WVU IGALS: Living Well with Dementia

Class Handouts

Visiting the Monongahela National Forest (2022)
Visiting the New River National Park (2022)
Visiting WV State Parks - Lakes & Rivers (2023)
Visiting WV State Parks - Forests & History (2023)
Fall Foliage Map (2018)
Fall Foliage Map (2019)
Fall Foliage Map (2022)
WV Byways and Backways (2022)
Henry Clay Iron Furnace (2022)
Old Growth Forests (2022)
Hiking Bibliography (2023-04)

Spotlight on Art with Melora Cann
Lesson 1: The Great American Cock
Lesson 2: A Two-Fer: Art History with Mexico’s Most Famous Couple
Lesson 3: I Cavalli di San Marco (The Horses of Saint Mark’s Basilica, Venice, Italy)
Lesson 4: The Jade Princess and the Terracotta Soldiers
Lesson 5: Grief Captured

Let's Crank Some Ice Cream!
Ice Cream Though the Ages
Let's Crank Some Ice Cream: the history of ice harvesting, the ice industry, and refrigeration, and making ice cream.

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