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Mission Unaccomplished

Mission Unaccomplished: Summit Diplomacy
Mission Unaccomplished: Background Session Two

Festive Holiday Fare

Festive Holiday Fare


Technology Handouts

Using your Tablet or Phone to View Class Handouts
Technology Security (v.2019-09)
Social Media (2019-07)
Technology Glossary (v.2019-05)
Using an iPad or iPhone (v.2018-11)


Windows 10 Quick Reference (v.2019-03)
The Basics (v.2019-03)
Microsoft Word (v.2019-03)
Microsoft PowerPoint (v.2019-07)
Microsoft Excel (v.2019-09)
Advanced Excel (v.2019-09)
Mail Merge and OneNote (v.2019-07)
Guidelines for Good PPT Presentations (2019-07)

Using the Classrooms

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