Tech Documents

Lumens (Class Registration)

Resetting Your Class Registration Password (v.2022-09)
Registering for a Class in Lumens (v.2022-09)

Tech Class Handouts

Technology Security (v.2024-03)
Digital Decluttering (v.2024-01)
Social Media (v.2021-08)
Facebook (v.2023-01)
Using an iPad or iPhone (v.2022-08)
Using Android Devices (v.2021-06)
Streaming Services (2022-08)


Using Zoom (v.2024-03)
Zoom Quick Guide (2024-03)
Common Problems with Zoom (v.2024-03)
Sound Issues with Zoom (2024-03)
Zoom Chatbox (2024-03)
DroidCam - Using your Phone as a Webcam 


Cleaning Up Windows Systems (v.2022-05)
Windows 10 Quick Reference (v.2019-03)
Office Basics (v.2024-03)
Microsoft Word (v.2024-03)
Microsoft PowerPoint (v.2024-03)
Microsoft Excel (v.2024-03)
Advanced Excel 
Mail Merge (v.2019-07)
Guidelines for Good PPT Presentations (v.2019-07)


Photo Scanning (v2024-02)
eReaders (v2023-12)
Cloud Storage (v.2023-11)
Photo Organization ()
Mobile Device Accessibility (v.2023-10)
Payment Apps (v.2023-08)
Using Multiple Email Accounts (v.2023-03)
Electronic Calendars (v.2022-10)
Passwords (2023-10)
Adding OLLI Classes to Your Google Calendar (v.2022-10)
Using the Snipping Tool (2020)
Using the iNaturalist App (v.2022-03)
GPS vs Maps (2020)
Using Skype (v.2020-03)
Using WV Deli to Borrow Books
Using your Tablet or Phone to View Class Handouts (2020)
Tech Glossary (2024-01)