Your Seat is Waiting! Winter Registration Update Charleston

Winter registration is now well underway. Thank you to everyone who have already made the decision to join OLLI for another exciting slate of classes. And we still have plenty of seats available!

I understand that many of you have not yet received your catalogs. I have verfiied that they are in the mail. You can also browse the catalog online at and register online or by calling the OLLI office at 304-293-1793.

My sincerest apologies for the credit cards issues that we experienced on Monday. The timing of that couldn't have been better, uh?

If you registered online for classes on Monday the 6th, PLEASE double-check your email to be sure that you received a confirmation email. You can also log into the system ( or call the OLLI office to verify that you are indeed registered for the classes that you want. Unfortunately, it is possible that while your credit card was charged, you were not actually registered for any classes. We want to get this corrected for you as quickly as possible.