The OLLI Friday Bulletin Is Getting a New Look!

The format of OLLI’s Friday Bulletin will be changing within a couple of weeks!

The new setup will be at little bit different than what you’re used to seeing, but we hope that some new features will make up for those changes.

The email itself will no longer be divided into sections—posts will be displayed in chronological order, but the news item titles and excerpts should tell you what each item is about.

Clicking on a post will take you a new site,, and there you can read the latest posts, browse items by category, or search for a specific post by some text you remembered. You can also go to right now to start checking out the new look and added features.

Once you go to the OLLI at WVU news site, just scroll down until you see Browse by Category, and you can view all posts on that subject.  Below that you can find the Search area, and the archives.

What we’re really excited about, however, is the commenting abilities on the new setup. You can leave comments on specific items and even have discussions with other users! As many of us may be stuck at home due to health concerns about Covid 19, this might be a nice way to keep in contact with each other and maybe even make new friends!

If you have any questions about the newsfeed, please send an email to and we’ll try to respond to those questions as soon as we can!