OLLI Resources Available Online

Hey y'all! Got some resources lined up for you!

You may have read in last week's bulletin that we're going to be changing up the Friday Bulletin--well, the site is up and running, and I'm going to be posting various resources there, from How-To videos, to online resources, to an online version of my Ask-a-Geek sessions.

The nice thing about this new site is you can leave comments, ask questions, and chat with each other, and you've got the ability to browse by category AND search for a specific post.

So for the next couple of weeks, as we're shifting everything over, you'll be getting two copies of the Friday Bulletin: one from the "old" system with OLLI specific posts, and one from the blog with all the above content.

In a couple weeks we'll move to just the single system for the bulletin, but for now look out for two emails hitting your inbox on Fridays.

And the nice thing about the blog is you can check in any time--you don't have to wait for Friday to see what's happening!


And of you're not already signed up for the Friday Bulletin, you can sign up for the new bulletin here: https://mailchi.mp/dcf3c4945c81/olliatwvu

I am looking forward to hearing from y'all!