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Instructor Policies and Procedures

Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise to teach a course for OLLI at WVU.  Our instructors are the backbone of our program. OLLI has established the following policies and procedures in an effort to offer the best possible experiences for both our members and instructors. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the OLLI office. A copy of the Instructor Policies and Procedures are available by clicking this link.


The OLLI course catalog is the primary vehicle for advertising OLLI classes.  A catalog is produced each term with a listing of all courses and special events for that term.  Because space is limited in the catalog, we also promote OLLI courses on our Facebook site, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at WVU. Instructors are encouraged to share with the OLLI staff additional information and materials that can be used in promoting their courses on Facebook, such as links to websites, articles, photos, and/or more in-depth descriptions of the course.

A pre-term open house is held about a month prior to the first day of classes. Instructors are invited to attend the open house and speak with current and potential members about their courses. 


As an instructor, you will have a mailbox in the OLLI office during the term of your course.  This is where you will find a copy of your course roster, any requested hand-outs, and communications from members if they are going to miss a class, will be late, etc.

When your course is uploaded to the OLLI registration website, you will receive an email notice with instructions on how to access your course roster and how to send emails to the members enrolled in your course. Please use the OLLI website for any emails that you wish to send to the members enrolled in your course so that the OLLI office has access to the same information.

Class Structure

Most OLLI classes are scheduled for nearly two hours so our members appreciate a break somewhere in the middle. Classes end at 10 minutes to the hour. Please be mindful of this time as there is often another beginning on the hour in the classroom.

OLLI members like to ask questions and share experiences, so consider this when planning your presentation material for the class. Feel free to engage class members as appropriate for your presentation, but also please feel very free to ask people as the class begins to hold questions until a few minutes before the break or until the end of your presentation, as it is very likely you are about to answer that question. Extended discussions after class should be moved to the member lounge or the hall to accommodate an incoming class. 

Classroom Technology


OLLI classes can be conducted in any format. We have a variety of audio-visual equipment and a keyboard available for use in the classrooms at the Mountaineer Mall. You can present a PowerPoint or project other material onto a screen. Internet is also available in the classrooms.

You can request assistance with audio-visual equipment in the classroom if needed on the course proposal form.  OLLI offers a class prior to the beginning of each term for anyone interested in learning how to operate the available classroom equipment. If you are unable to attend this session and would like assistance, please contact the OLLI office at olli@hsc.wvu.edu.

The lab and classrooms use PCs, not MACs.  If you use a MAC, it is easiest if you put your presentation on a flash drive to bring to the classroom.  If you must use your MAC laptop, please contact the office at least a week in advance of your class about the patch that is needed to make your laptop compatible with our equipment. It is always a good idea to arrive a few minutes before your class starts to be sure the A-V is working properly, as it can have a mind of its own at times!

More information about equipment available in the OLLI classrooms at the Mountaineer Mall is Morgantown can be found here.


Currently, the availability of computer and projection equipment is limited at our Charleston location. A screen for projection is available, however, instructors will need to provide their own laptop and projector for presentations.

Copies of Class Materials

OLLI is happy to make paper copies of material for handouts for the class with at least 48 hour notice.  You can send them as email attachments to olli@hsc.wvu.edu or drop them off at the office from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Please note that OLLI must obey copyright restrictions. If you have questions about how much is allowed, please call the office at 304-293-1793 for guidance.

When completed, handouts and class enrollment list will be placed in your designated mailbox in the OLLI office. 

In an effort to conserve paper, we will also be offering instructors and members the opportunity for posting and retrieving course materials from a website in the near future. If you are interested in posting course materials online, contact the OLLI office.

Class Hosts

Each course has a volunteer host to welcome members, introduce the instructor, make announcements on behalf of OLLI, distribute handouts, count the number of people attending each week, remind people not to bring food into the room and to have lids on cups, point out restrooms (in back of classroom A and down the hall by classroom B), and distribute the course feedback forms. This person is also responsible for making sure the HVAC system is set properly, the classroom is locked after class if needed, etc.

Course Feedback

As a membership organization, the opinions of our members are important to us. Therefore, OLLI encourages members to provide feedback for courses in which they are enrolled. Feedback forms are distributed by class hosts during the final class session and are available online. Completed forms are reviewed by the curriculum committee. Instructors may request copies of the feedback forms following review. Respondents are kept confidential. 

Instructor Feedback

Your opinion is also important. Instructors are encouraged to offer feedback on their experience teaching for OLLI. A feedback form is emailed to you following the final class period. Feedback is reviewed by the OLLI staff and appropriate committees.

Member Lounge

OLLI has designated a room across from classrooms A and B as the Member Lounge. It is open to all OLLI members, instructors, and their guests. Coffee, tea, and water are available at no charge, although donations are always welcome. A donation box is located on the wall next to the coffee machine.

The lounge is open when classes are in session.

Instructor Compensation and Recognition

Although OLLI instructors are volunteers, you may be eligible for a discount on OLLI membership. See the membership fees page for more details.

The OLLI Director and Director of the Board are also happy to write a letter of thanks/recognition upon request for an instructor for a personnel file.


When Monongalia or Kanawha County Schools are closed for inclement weather, there will be no OLLI classes held in the respective county. Two hour delays will not affect OLLI classes. OLLI observes all WVU holidays.

If you need to cancel a class, please call the office so that the office can inform those enrolled for the class.  It may be possible to reschedule, if you wish to do so.  

Non-Solicitation Policy

As a volunteer organization, OLLI at WVU greatly appreciates the generous donation of time and talent by our instructors and respects their right to academic freedom in preparing their courses. OLLI courses are intended to be learning experiences for our members, offered for the sake of expanding their horizons. Courses are not intended to be commercial or client recruiting opportunities for business products and services.

Instructors will receive a list of OLLI members enrolled in their course prior to the first class. The list includes email addresses and phone numbers. It is provided to facilitate the exchange of information between the instructor and class members outside of the classroom directly related to the OLLI course. It is not to be used for purposes outside of OLLI without the expressed consent of the individual members.

Honor Roll Members

The Honor Roll is for instructors who have taught at least 10 courses and 60 hours of classes. These instructors are awarded the status of Honor Roll Member. This membership is OLLI’s opportunity to show appreciation for these instructors for the time and effort they give to our organization. Starting for our 2015-2016 year, Honor Roll members will receive the benefit of being able to renew their annual membership at $40 per year for their lifetime. (Founding Honor Roll members maintain their original status.)

Founding Honor Roll Members

The Founding Honor Roll instructors have been awarded Lifetime memberships for teaching at least ten courses of three or more classes.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 304-293-1793 or email at olli@hsc.wvu.edu. You can also stop by the office at the Mountaineer Mall to get more information.