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Classroom Equipment

We are always trying to adapt and add to the A/V Equipment in our Morgantown classrooms in order to meet our instructors needs.  If you would like to have additional A/V Equipment available to aid you in instructing a class please let us know. 

Classroom A/V Equipment

  • Stereo Sound (Classrooms A & B)
  • Wireless Lapel Microphone (Classrooms A & B)
  • Wireless handheld microphone with stands (Classrooms A & B)
  • 14 Dell Optiplex Computers (Computer Lab)
  • Multi-Media Projector (Classrooms A & B and Computer Lab)
  • Computer Projector (Classrooms A & B)
  • DVD/VCR Players (Classrooms A & B)
  • Internet (Classroom A & B and Computer Lab)
  • Record Player (Classroom A)
  • Smart Board (Classroom B)

A/V Equipment Classroom A

A/V Equipment Classroom B

For Charleston classrooms please contact Jascenna Haislet at (304)293-1793 to discuss what equipment may be available.