WV Council of International Programs: Opportunity to host a professional exchange participant!

Opportunity to host a professional exchange participant!
We are very excited to begin our 45th+ year of the West Virginia Council of International Programs (WVCIP). Below are some of the reasons for WVCIP's longevity and success in Morgantown as a premier international hosting experience.
  • • Continuously managed by an 18+ member community board that provides host and transportation support.
  • • Programmed activities, weekly meetings and social opportunities provided by WVCIP
  • • Participants are professionals in their field looking for meaningful work and cultural experiences
Numerous community members have been integral to our success and most importantly have been fantastic hosts to our participants from around the world, many with whom have remained personal friends.
This year our participants are male and female, hailing from Brazil, Nigeria, Germany, Bolivia and Mexico and are social workers, a communications professional, an industrial engineer, an urban planner and psychiatric nurse.
We would be thrilled if you would consider becoming a host.
We currently have avalibility in 2 hosting periods:
  • • 8/17 through weekend of 9/14
  • • 9/14 through weekend of 10/12
Our participants arrive on 8/11 or 8/12 and then have several days of orientation at Dorsey's knob. We will hold a Welcome Reception for host families and community on 8/17 and participants leave with 1st session hosts. We hold programs throughout the semester and weekly dinners where host families are invited but not obligated to attend. Participants have a weekly meeting also with our program coordinator. It's meant to check in with participants on work and home life for the duration of their stay.
For more information, please contact WVCIP Board President, Paula Martinelli at 304-319-1801. You may also reach coordinator Deanna Epps at 304-293-7236.