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Website Feedback

Monday, May 13, 2019

I will be meeting soon with the folks to design all the HSC websites, to talk about the required switch of the OLLI website to the new design.

When I go, it would be extremely helpful if I could take feedback about the current websites as well as your thoughts about a new design.

To be clear: we have NO control over the design or the upcoming change. But taking feedback with me to the meeting would be very helpful since I might be able to encourage them to make changes to things I see as problematic.

The website to be changed is the main OLLI website: https://olliatwvu.org/home/ (NOT the course registration website).

I'm looking for feedback on how you feel about the OLLI website: the colors, the fonts, the layout, the design, how easy it is to find things, etc. If you have opinions, please send them to me ASAP, so I can take this data to my upcoming meeting.

Send your feedback to michelle.klishis@hsc.wvu.edu

Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide!