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Looking Back at the Great American Eclipse

Friday, January 12, 2018

From the Instructor:

The eclipse of 2017 is now history so I planned this class to discuss our experiences and memories of the Great American Eclipse. I think we're all interested in where you stayed -- why you picked the place; what equipment, food, etc., you brought to your eclipse site; who you saw the eclipse with -- family, friends, incidental strangers; how hard was it to find a place to stay, to get there, and to get back from the eclipse (how was the traffic?); what methods did you you use to watch and record the eclipse; and particularly, what part of the experience really stuck in your memory.

It's only a one day class and its coming up soon so I thought a little planning is in order.

Could you send me any photographs you have from your trip that I could incorporate into my powerpoint for the class.  Don't be selective, I'd rather have too many pictures to select from than come up short on a particular topic  Thanks to Judy Morris who already sent me a bunch of good pictures. (Email address is available in OLLI winter catalog or you can email them to olli@hsc.wvu.edu and the staff will forward.)

For the class, it might also be fun to bring any eclipse kitsch you picked up along the way -- I'll be bringing my Oregon eclipse coffee mug I picked up in a local supermarket and some eclipse glasses and posters.

Stephen McCluskey