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KVVP / YMCA “Hi! Tea” Sessions

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Tea and Talk!

KVVP and the YMCA invite all community residents to our monthly “Hi! Tea” sessions, where a local speaker will speak about a subject of interest in an informal gathering of individuals sitting around talking and enjoying their favorite teas and “biscuits”. Our next Tea and Talk will be held on Tuesday, 19 March 2019 and will be led by Scott C. Byars, WVU Extension Agent, from Winfield WV, and the subject will be “Pruning”, a timely subject this time of the year.

These “Tea and Talk” / “Hi! Tea” sessions will meet on the third Tuesday of each month; at 1500 – 1630 (3:00 pm – 4:30 pm); at the Bill Ballingall Room, YMCA, 100 YMCA Drive, off of Hillcrest Drive; Charleston WV.

There is no dress code for these “Tea and Talk” sessions, as we expect that some attendees may wander in from working out, walking the track, or attending a Silver Sneakers session and do not have a tux and top hat easily available.

Bring your favorite tea cup and saucer and your favorite tea (bagged or loose, just make proper arrangements for any requisite hardware to handle the loose tea). Bring extra tea, if you wish to share with others. Plenty of hot water will be available for brewing your tea.

Regarding “biscuits” / cookies / scones / etc., we will provide a few generic types for the “Hi! Tea”, but you may wish to bring some home-baked cookies or favorite store-bought cookies / “biscuits”.

Ladies are invited to wear your favorite fascinator or be prepared to make one from an array of materials that will be provided on site.

Come, join us, talk, listen, and enjoy the company!

For more information on this and future “Hi! Tea” sessions, email us at kvvillagepeople@gmail.com.