Eating Well and Doing Good

Thursday, when Jascenna and I came down for the open house, we needed some place to stop for lunch. I’d heard mention of Cafe Appalachia before, so when I saw it was relatively close, we decided to head there.

For those who are not familiar with it, Café Appalachia is a non-profit restaurant that serves as a place for “women in recovery (to gain) applicable job skills and experience to build a foundation for life-long sobriety.”

Much of the food served is grown in their urban garden or sources from local farmers and the focus is on healthy food with a seasonal menu based upon what is currently ripe and available.

The menu changes daily, with a single meal available as a small or large plate, and you can check the menu on Facebook to see if you like what is being served that day.

The food was delicious, the facility was airy and welcoming, and it was fabulous to be able to support a program seeking to do such good in the community.

So if you’re in South Charleston, we highly recommend going to Café Appalachia for lunch.