Checking Your Spam for OLLI Emails

Sometimes the filters on our email accounts end up being more aggressive than we expect, and we've found that for some OLLI members, our emails are ending up in spam or junk folders.

And to make it more aggravating, sometimes one email will make it to your inbox, but a second will be shunted to your spam folder.

To make sure you're getting your class and waitlist and payment notifications, you'll want to regularly check your spam folder. And who knows what else you might find in there.

Most email accounts should have a spam or junk folder. If you have created your own folders for sorting mail, you might have to scroll down until you find your spam folder.

If a message (say, from OLLI) is incorrectly in your spam Folder, select the item, and you should see an option for Not Spam or Not Junk. Clicking that button should move the item back to your inbox.

Another thing that came sometimes help is to add a sender ( to your address book or contact list. This can also reduce the frequency of messages incorrectly being sent to spam.

You can often do this by opening the message, looking for more options, and selecting an option like Add to Contacts or Add to Contact List (or something similar).

Hopefully, this will help you make sure you're receiving all your OLLI emails.