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Celebrate National Volunteer Week with OLLI, April 16 through 20

Friday, April 13, 2018

OLLI members and friends volunteer over 2500 hours a year as instructors, class hosts, board and committee members, office assistants, and more. Financially, this represents an estimated annual dollar value of more than $61,000. But volunteering is far more valuable than a number behind a dollar sign. Giving time and sharing expertise demonstrates to members, funders, and the community at large your belief in the work that OLLI does and your committment to the future of lifelong learning in West Virginia.

 The rewards and benefits to the volunteer are numerous as well. Physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being are all positively impacted by volunteering. Engaging socially, meeting new people, sharing of knowledge and learning new skills, and helping others foster a sense of purpose and belonging.

National Volunteer Week, sponsored by Points of Light, was established in 1974 to raise awareness of opportunities and benefits of volunteering and to recognize the contributions of the millions of people who do so each year.

As a small token of our appreciation, OLLI at WVU will be providing cookies in the member lounge during the week of April 16 through 20. We also encourage everyone to take a moment before or after class to say Thank You to your instructor, host, and anyone who you know generously give their time to keeping our program running.

Thank You from OLLI members, friends, and staff to all of our volunteers!