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Bring Your Own Mug!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The city of Tacoma recently began a Bring Your Own Mug campaign to reduce waste, and campaigns like this are everywhere.

Why should you bring your own mug?

  1. Drinks taste better from nice containers. (Who really likes that sharp piece of plastic on their lips?)
  2. Drinks stay hotter or colder for longer in insulated mugs (my husband’s travel mug keeps his morning tea hot until early afternoon).
  3. Good mugs are way more spill-proof than disposable cups with lids (as someone who regularly spills anything within her reach, you can trust me on this one).
  4. My travel mug is definitely nicer to look at than any Styrofoam cup.
  5. I know immediately which cup is mine.
  6. Reusable mugs reduces waste and are good for the environment.

It does take a while to get into the habit of using your own mug, so to help ease you into the transition, we have a handful of mugs in the OLLI main office you can borrow, then return after you’ve washed them at home.

We don’t currently have the facilities for washing mugs here at OLLI, so you will have to take your mug home to wash it every day, but if you get a couple of mugs, you can always leave one in the car to help you remember. We keep a spare coffee mug for my husband and a water bottle for me in our car, so we have something on hand if we forget when leaving the house.

I hope this will help to encourage you to get into the habit of reusable mugs, and if you’d like some mug / water bottle recommendations, please feel free to ask!


How to Successfully Implement a Bring Your Own Mug (BYOM) Habit