Jyms of Wyzdom for December 6, 2019


I suppose real old age begins when one looks backward rather than forward. [Writer May Sarton]

Surprise! I start this week with one of my little epigrams, the book from which they come nearly exhausted. Can that sentence be diagrammed? Ouch. Anyway, as Ellen DeGeneres frequently says, I have decided some time ago that I refuse to consider myself “old” until I reach 75…but that clock is ticking. I’ll be there next October. Then a friend sent me a little joke: “Just a moment ago, it was 1969—50 years ago. That was the year Bonnie and I married, so it remains dear to us. Be as young as you feel it in your heart and soul…that’s my advice.

Movies and Shows: I have led you astray about the showing of Peter Jackson’s incredible documentary about WWI, “They Shall Not Grow Old.” It was supposed to be back in theaters Dec 7, but the local Regal cinema’s website is NOT showing it. Fear not, I have a DVD of it and we’ll show it one of these days. It does seem that the Met opera has brought back the encore showings of their productions, most recently “Ahknaten.” I know this because Janice Perry called and said she and a friend went. Turner Classic movies is showing “Meet Me in St. Louis” (1944) on Dec 8 and 11. The next Met in HD opera is on Jan 11, “Wozzeck,” music by Alban Berg. “Wozzeck” was an unfinished play by Georg Buchner, who died young. I suspect the opera might be better than a play, so I’ll check it out, but I find Berg’s music simply does not want to be in my ears! YouTube has one full version with subtitles and several scenes if you’d like to see and hear what you’re getting yourself into. On a much happier note, don’t miss “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” with Tom Hands playing Fred Rogers. The whole film is conceived as one program, that focuses on a trouble writer that Mr. Rogers befriends. You can always count on Tom Hanks to get it right.

Success is a two-bladed golden sword; it knights one and stabs one at the same time. [Actress Mae West]

Meow…We’re in training with our two grown-up kittens. Having destroyed my newest recliner chair, we decided to replace that, get a matching one for Bonnie and then apply 1] a magic spray that is supposed to repel pets and 2] some heavy plastic to the corners. Vets are no longer willing to de-claw, which I completely support, but that means it can be hellish for your nice furniture.

It definitely feels like winter now. The tree branches are bare and black against the sky, the air is chilly, and we missed that big set of storms that rampaged across the country. I am just getting into the new book, The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming by David Wallace-Wells. The first chapter alone will give you nightmares for days. Because of the complete lack of activity by any of the signatories to the Paris Accords, the scientists are now say it is probably that we’ll have a 5 degree rise by the end of the century…or much sooner if people keep denying the facts. The seas could rise as much as 200 feet, completely swamp;ing all the big cities in the world that are at or barely above sea level right now. Our grand children are gonna be really poised at us!

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. [Philosopher Confucius]

I do remain and unabashed optimist. We have faced existential threats before and we can get through this. Will someone pass the lemon Oreo’s?

Bon hiver!