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There are so many benefits to lifelong learning.

Forensics 101The benefits of being intellectually challenged, physically active, and socially engaged in later life are well documented. Lifelong learning is an important component of healthy aging, helping to stimulate the brain and keeping cognitive abilities sharp.

OLLI offers members access to these benefits with a plethora of opportunities to explore a new interest, rekindle an old passion, discover a hidden talent, and share knowledge and expertise with peers.

OLLI enrichment courses delve into local and international history; literature, music, and art; science and technology; current and political events; and more.  Physical education courses in Yoga and Tai Chi are designed specifically for older adults, addressing an array of physical challenges participants may face. And Interest Groups, often meeting year round, offer members the opportunity to engage in lively discussion and share hands-on experiences in a variety of interest areas.

Beyond the classroom, OLLI offers discounts on field trips, arts events, and travel; hosts open houses and receptions; and promotes partnerships with like-minded organizations in the community.

To find out more about Membership Fees (click here) or click the button on the left hand side.

Although we strive to keep the membership fees low, OLLI at WVU recognizes that the cost of membership may be beyond the means of some older adults and therefore offers scholarships to help offset fees. For more information about our scholarships, click here.

To join OLLI at WVU, please fill out a membership application and return it with payment to the OLLI office.

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Reasons to Join

  • To Stay Active in the Community
  • To Stimulate your Mind
  • To Learn New Skills
  • To Meet People and Make Friends
  • To Stay Physically Active

What Our Members Say About OLLI

"My short experience at OLLI has been positive... a place for seniors to expand their knowledge at a comfortable place in an enjoyable atmosphere."

"OLLI is one of the best kept secrets in Morgantown"

"OLLI stimulates one's mind with great courses and provides social interaction to enliven the whole person"

"For many folks, OLLI is a second alma mater"