The Great Courses

OLLI@WVU has several Great Courses are available to members.

The following courses are available on CD at the OLLI office in Morgantown:

  • Understanding Mysteries of Human Behavior
  • Understanding the Brain
  • Sensation, Perception & the Aging Process
  • The Skeptic's Guide to American History
  • The Physics of History
  • The Other Side of History: Daily Life in the Ancient World
  • Origins of Life
  • Understanding the Universe: Astronomy
  • Biological Anthropology: An Evolutionary Perspective
  • America and the New Global Economy
  • Nature of Earth: Geology
  • Life Lessons from the Great Myths
  • Cosmology: The History and Nature of Our Universe
  • Change and Motion: Calculus Made Clear
  • Dark Matter, Dark Energy: The Dark Side of the Universe
  • My Favorite Universe
  • Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths of Language Usage
  • Introduction to the Study of Religion
  • How to Listen to and Understand Great Music Performances
  • The Intelligent Brain

You can view this document to learn more about a specific series. Once you open the document, click on a series name to view the list of topics covered in that course.

To borrow a series, contact the OLLI office at 304-293-1793 to set a time when you can come pick up the discs.