Standing Committees and Project Teams

OLLI has a few standing committees that work together to keep our program running. We also frequently need volunteers to help with short-term projects.

Curriculum Committee

Not only does this committee review all instructor proposals and discuss the merits of each one before choosing which courses to include in the next term’s offerings, it also reaches out to everyone for new ideas and areas of interest. They review suggestions made on the course evaluation forms, review the comments about each course, and discuss policies relating to the curriculum.

Catalog Committee

A sub-committee of the curriculum committee, members review the courses submitted each term for grammar, wording, and consistency; edit the course catalogs; and make suggestions about additional content and design.

Kanawha Valley Committee

The committee recruits OLLI members and volunteer instructors for our program. They meet quarterly to review course proposals and plan future programming, and represent OLLI at community functions, such as health fairs and social and service club meetings.

Irving Goodman Aging Lecture Series Committee

The Irving Goodman Aging Lecture is an annual event and a highlight of OLLI at WVU. The committee considers topics of interest, researches options, recruits the speaker, and organizes the event each year.

Travel Committee

A sub-committee of the curriculum committee, members will meet to talk about and help organize trips of interest to OLLI members.