Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

OLLI has several standing committees that work together to keep our program running. Which one fits you best?

Curriculum Committee

Not only does this committee review all instructor proposals and discuss the merits of each one before choosing which courses to include in the next term’s offerings, it also reaches out to everyone for new ideas and areas of interest. They review suggestions made on the course evaluation forms, review the comments about each course, and discuss policies relating to the curriculum.

Catalog Committee

A sub-committee of the curriculum committee, members review the courses submitted each term for grammar, wording, and consistency; edit the course catalogs; and make suggestions about additional content and design.

Charleston Committee

Committee recruits OLLI members and volunteer instructors for our program. They meet quarterly to review course proposals and plan future programming, and represent OLLI at community functions, such as health fairs and social and service club meetings.

Facilities & Technology Committee

Working with the Director, this committee considers what improvements should and/or can be made to our classrooms, member lounge, offices, and storage spaces. They monitor how current space is used and consider future facility and technology needs.

Finance Committee

The finance committee, chaired by the Board Treasurer, develops the annual operating budget to be approved by the membership, reviews OLLI income and expenses throughout the year, and makes recommendations regarding membership and enrollment fees.

Fundraising Committee

In order to keep our member and enrollment fees affordable to all, OLLI relies heavily on contributions from both internal and external sources. Working with the WVU School of Public Health Development Director, this committee is responsible for planning and carrying out an annual fundraising campaign. Identifying and writing grants; recruiting OLLI sponsors; encouraging giving by members; and promoting annual, legacy, and tribute gift opportunities are important activities with which we need assistance.

Irving Goodman Aging Lecture Series Committee

The Irving Goodman Aging Lecture is an annual event and a highlight of OLLI at WVU. The committee considers topics of interest, researches options, recruits the speaker, and organizes the event each year.

Marketing Committee

In consultation with the Director, the marketing committee creates and implements an annual campaign to recruit new members, form community partnerships, and increase community awareness of OLLI at WVU. Committee members help distribute course catalogs to libraries, senior centers, and other locations; staff tables at health/wellness and senior fairs; and encourage media coverage of OLLI events.

Member Relations Committee

The member relations committee works to increase member retention and works with other committees to address the needs of current members through special programming and membership benefits.

Nominating Committee

This committee meets just a few times a year and is responsible for keeping track of who is a member of the Board of Directors and when his or her term expires and then meeting to brainstorm ideas for new board members and compose a slate to be voted on at the annual meeting in June of each year. The committee also prepares a slate of officers of the board to be voted on at the first meeting of the new board the first Monday of July each year.

Social Events Committee

The social events committee suggests, researches, organizes, and promotes special members events; works with other committees to organize and staff the quarterly open houses; and plans the annual business meeting.

Travel Committee

A sub-committee of the curriculum committee, members will meet to talk about and help organize trips of interest to OLLI members.