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July 5, 2013


The OLLI Board has elected the following officers for the 2013-14 year:  President:  E. Jane Martin; Vice President: Anne Nardi; Secretary: George Trapp; Treasurer: Connie McCluskey.   We congratulate them and thank them for their willingness to serve!    And we certainly thank departing officers  Bob Craig and Suzanne Gross for their many hours of devoted service during the past year.     


There will be a vacancy on the Board as Luise Savage is leaving Morgantown.  Luise is an elected member whose first term ends in 2014.  We are grateful to her for all her contributions to OLLI’s program and we wish her well as she relocates in Virginia near family.

If YOU are interested in being considered for appointment to the Board, call the office with your name and the Nominating Committee will consider it along with others who have been suggested.


If you would like to purchase one of the attractive OLLI travel mugs, a limited number is still available in the office for $5.00 each.  Warning:  Be careful.  They keep liquids surprisingly hot!


Choosing to support OLLI is easier than many think.  During 2013, anyone age 70 ½ and older may make a transfer from their IRA to the WVU Foundation to support OLLI.  The gift amount will not be classified as taxable income, as other IRA contributions are, on your federal or West Virginia return (and the same is true in many other states).  The gift can be up to $100,000 and will satisfy a portion of the donor’s required minimum distribution.  It won’t restrict the deduction of other charitable gifts, either.  So for 2013, using IRA funds to support OLLI is the smartest way to go.  For questions on arranging IRA gifts for OLLI, check with Deb Miller, Director of Planned Giving at the Foundation, at 304-284-4033 or


Angela suggests a dozen roses – plus heartfelt appreciation from all of us – to our committee chairs for the coming year:  CURRICULUM :  Marian Conner and Vice-chair Barb Howe; FACILITIES & TECHNOLOGY: George Chittum;  FINANCE: Connie McCluskey; HISTORIAN:  Carole Boyd;  MEMBERSHIP & PUBLIC RELATIONS:  Nancy Wasson;  Co-chair:  Suzanne Gross;  NOMINATING:  Ann Davidson;  OFFICE ASSISTANTS:  Janet Kemp; SOCIAL EVENTS:  Hope Covey;  20th ANNIVERSARY:  Open;  $100K CLUB:  Linda Jacknowitz.

The committees are making great plans for a wonderful 20th Anniversary year and they have openings for new members!  Can YOU consider volunteering to share your time and talents with one of the committees to help OLLI grow and celebrate lifelong learning??  Call the office!

We are specially looking for a Chair for the Irv Goodman Annual Aging Lecture Series Committee. Please let the office know if YOU are interested!


Kay Beamer plans to teach a class in caning during Fall Term.  If you are interested in enrolling in the class, please LET THE OFFICE KNOW SOON!  Kay will need to order supplies for the class no later than August 30 and needs to know how much to order!


Rossini’s ARMIDA will be shown at the Hollywood Theater complex Wednesday evening, July 10, at 7:00 pm.

OLLI at WVU PO Box 9123
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